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Turning Your Home into a Gym

Bosma Enterprises - 4/24/2020 10:42:52 AM

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, it can be easy for any of us to break away from our regular routines. Many of us find ourselves spending a lot more time at home. However, having extra time can either be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how you choose to spend your time.

As we all search for ways to deal with the current crisis facing the nation, turning to food for comfort may be your first choice, but may lead to issues with your health down the line. Staying fit can help not only with our physical appearance but with our mental health as well.  So how do we make the best of our extra time at home? Below is a list of exercises that can be done at home with limited or no equipment.
A green jump rope with yellow handles

This may seem like an exercise for children, but jumping rope can boost your heart rate and improve cardio.

Take a few minutes a day and walk up and down your stairs. Even if you don't have stairs at home, 
Aerobic Stepperthere are other ways this activity can be accomplished. Find the biggest book you own or a chair, and step up and down while listening to your favorite song. You may not work up a considerable sweat, but it will help improve movement.
YouTube has an array of free workout videos available. Whatever type of workout you are looking for, you can find it on YouTube. Simply type in the kind of workout you are interested in, and there's sure to be a video on that subject. YouTube is also beneficial for anyone needing instructions or coaching on proper techniques.
Cleaning may not be your first choice, but cleaning your home can be very physical. Cleaning Day
Mopping, vacuuming and dusting provide movement and can also improve your 
overall health.

If you find yourself at home without any weights, try making your own with water bottles. Simply fill up the bottles with water and start on those arm curls. This is a good exercise to work your arms, back and shoulder. If those water bottles get too easy, switch to milk jugs to increase the weight.
We've all remember doing jumping jacks in our physical education class. This is an easy workout that does not require any extra equipment and can be done anywhere in your home.
Music Player
Since we cannot get together for a party, how about bringing the party to you? Turn on some of your favorite dance songs and begin to move your body. You can even get your kids or significant other involved making this one of the most fun activities you can do at home.
I know we are all practicing social distancing, but going outside for a stroll can boost your morale and improve your cardio.
Instead of walking in place, try doing some high knees to get your heart pumping. Simply, march in place or down your hall, while bringing your knees as high as they can go for the best results.
Woman doing a lunge
Lunges are a good way to strengthen your lower body, specifically your back, hips and legs. To properly do a lunge, simply lunge forward, lower and raise yourself on one foot at a time.

There are many opportunities to stay active until you can get back into the gym. Whether it's taking socially-distanced walks or doing an at-home YouTube workout, you don't need fancy workout equipment or a lot of time. All you really need is the motivation to move to affect your physical and mental health positively.