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Success Through Adversity

Bosma Enterprises - 8/14/2020 2:32:55 PM

Meet Aaron See, Programs Intake Specialist at Bosma Enterprises' Center for Visionary Solutions for the Blind. Aaron’s vision loss occurred during his junior year in college. However, he continued to pursue his education and play football despite the fact his vision was fading. 

Aaron See began working in Bosma Enterprises’ production area two years ago where spent the majority of his time in our kitting department. Last year, he helped with the assembly of 12,488 disposable medical kits.
Recently, Aaron transitioned to a new role working with the rehabilitation department as the Programs Intake Specialist. Aaron is the main point of contact for all calls for referrals to the programs phone line and completes the pre-screening of clients, helping to determine which program best meets the client’s needs.

Aaron enjoys his position within the organization because he can relate to those searching for help to cope with vision loss. “I am usually the first person they talk to,” he said. Aaron can empathize with people who are calling in for the first time, as he himself lives with a visual impairment.

It was during his sophomore year at Franklin College that Aaron first noticed that there might be something wrong with his vision. He was walking home from football practice and kept bumping into parked cars. One friend joked about the situation, but his best friend encouraged him to get his eyes checked.

The next school year, Aaron was officially diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP). Despite the diagnosis, Aaron continued pursuing his degree and even continued to play offensive tackle on the football team. The support Aaron received from his coach Mike Leonard and the rest of the team meant the world to him. “The day I got diagnosed he called the whole team up and gave a great speech about success through adversity,” said Aaron.

Aaron is thankful for his parents, and his football family for helping him come to terms with the fact his vision was fading and helping make the transition easier to process. Since his diagnosis, Aaron has been a strong advocate for people who are blind and Bosma Enterprises. He has seen first-hand the impact Bosma Enterprises is making to ensure we continue to provide quality service to our primary customer, The Department of Veterans Affairs and in the blind community.
Aaron hopes to help shine more light on the capabilities of people with vision loss, in hopes to lower the 70% unemployment rate among people who are blind or visually impaired.
To learn more about Bosma Enterprises or know someone living with vision loss, please contact us on the web at: or give us a call at 888.567.3422. Our programs team is still hard at work providing resources and assistance to Hoosiers living with vision loss.