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Brackets for Good

Bosma Enterprises - 2/29/2016 10:37:58 AM

You can help us win over $10,000 through Brackets for Good. Show us your best trick shot and share it on social media with our hashtag #BosmaShotChallenge. Help us beat Drum Corp International!

Bosma Shot Challenge Banner

The Bosma Visionary Opportunities Foundation is competing against Drum Corps International in Brackets for Good. This NCAA-style bracket tournament gives an opportunity for a local charity to walk away with $10,000 in addition any donations made over the course of the tournament.

During this tournament we are also challenging you to the #BosmaShotChallenge. We want to see your best trick shot! Make your donation to Brackets for Good and the take a video of you pulling off your best trick shot and challenge your friends to do the same.

Our own Lou Moneymaker and David Smith have made their #BosmaShotChallenge video. They want to challenge their fellow IU alumni to donate and show their own trick shots. See their video below.

Help us get the word out and beat Drum Corps International so we can move on to the second round of Brackets for Good.

We get every dollar you donate to the foundation and if we win the tournament, we get an additional $10,000!

Warm ups have started. Log on, create your account and get ready to help us WIN!!!