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Client Update: Brandy Gregory

Bosma Enterprises - 2/22/2019 8:01:53 AM

See how far Brandy Gregory has come since she began the rehabilitation program at the Bosma Enterprises Center for Visionary Solutions for the Blind

The last time we checked in with Brandy Gregory, she was learning how to travel her environment using
a white cane. Since she has been working with our orientation and mobility specialist, Brandy is
walking around her neighborhood with a renewed sense of confidence.
Now that Brandy is comfortable using her cane, the next step is traveling on the city bus. “I have only
taken the city bus a few times in life,” she said. Brandy needed to learn the ins and outs of navigating
bus routes and the terminal downtown, and has been working with her O&M instructor to get up to
speed. Learning to travel independently is crucial for her success because Brandy wants to get back to
work. Having the option of getting on the city bus or utilizing another form of transportation be helpful.
Recently, she had her first meeting with Kristy Russell, employment services manager at Bosma
Enterprises. Brandy was excited to meet with Kristy and discuss possible job opportunities.
Although Brandy is excited about getting back to work, she understands she still has to learn how to use
a computer again. Recently, Bosma provided her with her very own laptop equipped with a screen
reader. Now that Brandy has a laptop, she can spend time at home getting more familiar with the keys
and other short-cut commands needed to use a screen reader. “I am working on my typing, speed and
Brandy admits she is not a big tech person, but she is catching on quickly. By the time she completes her
rehabilitation, she will have learned how to type more efficiently, use a screen reader and use Microsoft
Since Brandy has been in the rehabilitation program, she has learned so much. However, one of her
most significant accomplishments happened in the kitchen.
Despite not being a huge baker, Brandy took everything she has learned in her personal management
class and baked a delicious apple crisp. Her children were without words and very proud of their
mother’s accomplishments.
Brandy still has another month to go before she completes the program; however, she feels that the
training she has received from our rehabilitation program has given her a renewed sense of life, and
cannot wait to take on the next challenge.