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Kay Kare Braces

Bosma Enterprises - 2/21/2020 12:01:00 AM

Bosma Enterprises® has partnered with Kay Kare LLC to offer new, patented, innovative shoulder/arm braces that do not have a strap that pulls on the neck thereby reducing the risk of secondary neck problems.

For 18 years, Kahkashan Neseem (Kay) has worked as an occupational therapist, primarily assisting individuals who have had shoulder injuries or surgeries.

Early in Kay’s career, she noticed patients recovering from shoulder injuries or surgeries were experiencing discomfort when they attempted to put on the brace issued to them by the hospital. “Even the doctors and nurses had trouble assisting patients, which caused the patient to become even more uncomfortable,” she said.
The hospital-issued braces were very cumbersome and confusing, with many buckles and straps, which cause even more pain and discomfort to patients. Patients struggled to put the braces on themselves, which often lead to delayed discharge.

Kay was determined to simplify the process, so she began on her journey to design a brace that was easy to use and would not pull on a patient’s neck and could hold up a patient arm with ease. Kay began brainstorming ideas for a brace that would eliminate shoulder straps, thus resulting in greater comfort and stability for patients.

In 2011, Kay reached out to her attorney to begin the process of securing a patent for a single-arm brace. The patent was issued without rejection, stating there was nothing like it on the market. Soon after, Kay filed another patent for a double-arm brace, as well as a single-arm brace with an abductor pillow for post-surgical care.

Interested in how her Kay Kare brace would fare on the market, Kay hired researchers from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) to undertake the very first comparative evaluation of its kind. When researchers examined the claims of the Kay Kare single-arm brace against other braces on the market, the objective study concluded that Kay Kare’s patented design outperforms the competition significantly on aspects involving ease of use and stability.

Excited about the results from the study, Kay began to speak with other medical professionals to see what they thought of the Kay Kare brace. The doctors and surgeons were amazed by the simplicity of the brace and the comfort it gave to patients recovering from shoulder surgery.

Kay has partnered with Bosma Enterprises to package and distribute Kay Kare braces to government and commercial businesses. Bosma Enterprises is a not-for-profit in Indianapolis that provides services to people who are blind or visually impaired. Kay is proud to partner with Bosma Enterprises and believes in our mission and vision to lower the staggering 70 percent unemployment rate among people who are blind or visually impaired. To learn more about Kay Kare braces, visit