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Salesforce training provides hope for a brighter future

Bosma Enterprises - 1/17/2020 2:57:00 PM

Jasmine Quiett found it difficult to find gainful employment after losing her vision. However, after participating in our Salesforce training program, she was able to acquire a new skill making her more marketable to employers.

Most people strive for "The American Dream." A house with a picket fence, a reliable vehicle, a dog and 2.3 children. However, for those living with some form of blindness, finding gainful employment has its challenges — people who are blind face a nation-wide unemployment rate of 70%, which is unacceptable.
Jasmine Quiett can attest to the struggles of finding a job after losing her sight several years ago. Her battle with blindness began as a teen, after waking up, and noticing her vision was distorted. "It was like I was looking through frosted glass," Jasmine said.
Unsure why she was suddenly having problems with her sight, Jasmine was informed by her doctor that she needed a cornea transplant in both eyes. Unfortunately, after the operations, other eye-related issues arose that could not be fixed. "I felt like my world was ending."
Feeling lost, Jasmine decided to seek out agencies that focus on blindness. During her search, Jasmine read an ad about a Vision Expo. Curious to learn more and hoping to get help, Jasmine decided to attend where she met Bill Powell, assistive technology director at Bosma Enterprises. Bill chatted with Jasmine about Bosma and the life-changing programs we provide to people who are blind and assisted her with turning on the accessibility features on her smartphone.
Jasmine's life took a turn for the better after finding Bosma Enterprises, a not-for-profit dedicated to creating opportunities for people who are blind. In November of 2017, Jasmine began receiving training and services at our Center for Visionary Solutions for the Blind.
The specialized training she received helped Jasmine regain the confidence and independence she had once lost. While a participant in Bosma's rehabilitation program, Jasmine learned about adaptive technology for people who are blind - such as specialized computer software like screen readers and screen enlargers that magnify the text on a computer screen. She also learned how to properly clean her home, cook safely with a visual impairment, and was introduced to proper white cane techniques. Before completing the rehab program, Jasmine overheard staff discussing the Salesforce Administrator Certification Training course. After getting more information about the Salesforce training course from Bill Powell, Assistive Technology Director, she was sold.
Jasmine knew this program was for her, but before she could enroll, she had to undergo an assessment to ensure she had the proper computer skills needed to be successful as a Salesforce Administrator. is a cloud-based business application that is currently ranked as the most innovative company in America by Forbes Magazine and one of the top 10 positions of 2017, as reported by USA Today. Salesforce Administrators analyze complex problems, understand data, provide advice about taking action on data, formulate complex solutions, and often work closely with top-level executives and company managers on any number of initiatives.
Jasmine completed the rigorous training, earning 165 badges in Trailhead and is now able to create reports, import and export data and record data in Salesforce. Jasmine is now interning at Bosma Enterprises, where she can use everything she has learned and apply it to real-life situations. Jasmine is thankful to Bosma Enterprises for the chance to acquire a new skill, making her more marketable to employers. 
If you are interested in hosting a Salesforce intern or would like more information about the training course, contact Abby Villines at 317-704-8240 or