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Salesforce Admin Training

Bosma Enterprises - 7/29/2019 2:18:50 PM

New training opportunity opens doors for people with disabilities.

As technology changes and becomes more advanced, opportunities for people who are blind
increase exponentially. However, there is a staggeringly high unemployment rate among people
who are blind of 70% nationwide and 62% in the state of Indiana alone. This could be due to the
public’s lack of exposure to the blind community and the abilities of those with disabilities.
Bosma and Salesforce are on a mission to change the conversation about the skills of people who
are blind by offering Salesforce Administrator Certification Training classes.
Salesforce Administrators are some of the most sought out positions in America, and one of the
top 10 positions of 2017 as reported by USA Today. Providing this Salesforce training to people
who are blind can open doors to gainful employment.
Recently, Bosma Enterprises employee Phillip Milam decided to take advantage of the
Salesforce training to better position himself within the organization.
“My philosophy is, the more I learn, the better chance I have in succeeding,” he said.
Though he had some experience with Salesforce in his previous position, Phil wanted to expand
his knowledge in hopes of making him more marketable.
The course utilized Trailhead - an online tutorial that guides users through different modules and
key features of Salesforce. As participants navigate their way through the many different
modules, they earn badges, which demonstrates their understanding of a particular lesson. By the
end of the course, Phil received 55 badges, learned HTML coding and earned his developer
Phil hopes to take what he has learned and apply it to real life situations. He is thankful to Bosma
Enterprises for the chance to acquire this new skill.
If you are interested in learning more about Bosma Enterprises' Salesforce Administrator
certification training, please contact us at our toll-free number 888.567.3422.