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One Call Away

Bosma Enterprises - 7/2/2020 11:53:24 AM

Connie Gornick is thankful for the support she received from Bosma Enterprises. In this blog post, Connie shares how Bosma’s resource and support line gave her much needed support during her darkest moments.

Connie Gornick first realized there might be something wrong with her sight in 2012, while driving to visit her mother in Evansville, Indiana. Connie felt something strange in her eyes, but she kept driving and made it to her mother’s house.

A couple of days later, when Connie met with her realtor, she told her about the problems she was experiencing with her sight, she immediately took Connie to the hospital to have her eyes examined. At the hospital, the doctors noticed Connie’s retinas were detached and recommended emergency surgery. The doctors were able to attach Connie’s retinas successfully, but the surgeries did not hold. After the last operation, she had double vision and limited vision in her right eye.

In a matter of days, Connie’s life was turned upside down, and with the decline of her vision, reading documents and emails became a struggle, causing Connie to quit her job as a medical sales rep.

All of the hospital stays and surgeries took a toll on Connie, to the point she even thought about committing suicide. However, after listening to inspirational tapes, she was encouraged to keep going, and that’s what she did. Now that Connie’s vision has remained steady, she would like to find a job working from home. To help her in her job search, she reached out to Bosma Enterprises and began to work with our employment services team. However, right as Connie was about to start, the coronavirus outbreak struck the world and put her plans on hold.

To help combat the fears and anxiety brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, Bosma Enterprises established a resource and support line, and our programs team began calling past and present clients. Connie was unaware of Bosma’s support line and admits she was surprised when Michelle Schaffer, adjustment counselor at Bosma Enterprises, reached out. “I did not know anything like this existed,” said Connie.

Although Connie needed insulin, she was not comfortable at first to ask for help. When Michelle asked if there was anything Bosma could do to help, Connie was hesitant at first but eventually opened up to Michelle. Connie was so relieved to hear Bosma was able to help her get her medication. “Bosma is wonderful,” she said.

Our rehab staff also delivered a care package to Connie, which included gloves, a face mask, and hand sanitizer, among other useful items. Connie is thankful to Michelle, and Bosma Enterprises for all of their support during these challenging times. She is still amazed that Bosma reached out to her and help ease the burden until life returns as we once knew it.

If you or someone you know is blind or visually impaired and needs resources during this time visit our website for COVID-19 emergency relief resources