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Helping Ease the Stress

Bosma Enterprises - 6/11/2020 10:44:54 AM

In our latest blog, Donna Williams discusses how our resource and support line is helping provide comfort during these stressful times.

The coronavirus pandemic affects all aspects of our lives like going to the movies, visiting family and friends and eating at your favorite restaurant. With the constant changes, many people are struggling to bring a sense of normalcy to their lives.

Twelve years ago, Donna Williams noticed there was something wrong with her vision. After an appointment with her eye doctor, Donna discovered her retinas were detached and needed corrective surgery. Unfortunately, the surgery left her completely blind for four months, and she had eight more surgeries to reattach her retinas, which gave her some usable vision.

Donna’s vision remained steady for 12 years, and she was able to drive, go to school, and write her own checks. Everything seemed to be going smoothly until 2019 when she began noticing more problems with her vision. Donna was working towards becoming a registered nurse (RN); however, her dreams were crushed when her retina detached again, and she was unable to complete the nursing program.

Seeking help from any direction, Donna contacted Vocational Rehabilitation (VR). Her VR counselor recommended Bosma’s Center for Visionary Solutions for the Blind to obtain the training and skills needed to go back to school and live with a visual impairment. In October 2019, Donna began her rehabilitation.

In October 2019, Donna began her training at the Center, and when she saw people with vision loss enjoying life, she knew she wanted the same experience for herself. “All the things they teach, I could not learn anywhere else,” said Donna.

Donna completed her training on February 14, 2020, and was looking forward to going back to college to pursue her degree in psychology. However, her plans were halted by the coronavirus. At first, Donna liked not having to go places and how everybody was in this pandemic together. However, as time has gone by, she admits she is ready for it to be over. “I liked the quiet and slowing down, not the situation, but it was nice to slow down a bit,” said Donna.
The constant changes brought a lot of stress and anxiety for Donna, so she called into our resource and support line in hopes of easing some of those feelings.  Donna said the support she received was beneficial. “The people understand and are uplifting, and can help get your mind off things,” said Donna.
Donna would especially like to thank Michelle Schaffer, Abby Villines and James Michaels for checking in and providing her with different resources to cope through these challenging times. “Just to know people care is super nice,” said Donna.
Bosma Enterprises is here providing critical support and resources for those in the blind community. Who may be in search of support to help them cope with this global pandemic. If you or someone you know is blind or visually impaired and needs resources during this time, visit our website for COVID-19 emergency relief resources.