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Drexel University students conducting studies on experiences of people who are blind

Bosma Enterprises - 3/22/2016 8:00:37 AM

A student from Drexel University is conducting a couple of studies and could use the help from people who are blind or visually impaired. His studies center around the experiences of a person who is blind in a couple of places. The first study is about sports teams websites and their accessibility. The second study is on the experiences of a person who is blind and a bad shopping experience. Below is a little more information on each of the research initiatives and the researcher' contact information. Please share this with those without email. 

Drexel University logoStudy One

Calling All Blind And Vision Impaired Sports Fans! I am researching the accessibility of sports teams’ websites and how the blind and vision impaired use these sites. As a blind Ph.D. student, I evaluated all of the official professional team websites, and many NCAA sites, and found them to be woefully inaccessible. Lawsuits end in settlements or confusion about responsibilities. Legislation for online accessibility in the private sector isn’t too close either. My goal is to increase the accessibility of these websites by showing that the blind and vision impaired are also sports fans who are an unconsidered market. As a “thank you” for your participation, you may choose from one of an assortment of organizations benefiting the blind and vision impaired to receive a $2.00 donation for your fully completed survey.

Before starting the survey, we ask that you visit the official website of your favorite sports team and spend a few minutes navigating the website. After clicking on the link to begin the survey you will be asked about this experience and what makes you a sports fan. Please do not hesitate to contact me, Alex Cohen at, if you have any difficulty with the survey, or if you have any comments or questions. You may stop taking the survey at any time for any reason, and your response will not be counted. Here’s the link!

Please feel free to share this survey with any blind and vision impaired sports fan you know.

Study Two

Research is being conducted at Drexel University to examine how a bad shopping experience, as perceived by the consumer, can be attributable to one or more of the shopper’s demographic characteristics such as gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation/preference, financial status, or disability, affects their internalized feelings of inclusion and acceptance in the shopping environment. As a “thank you” for completing the survey you may choose for either the anti-bullying organization Stop The Hate, or the Foundation Fighting Blindness to receive $2.00 donation.

If you choose to participate, you will first be asked to briefly describe a recent personal bad shopping experience. You will then be asked to complete a short survey. You will fill out the survey only once and completion of the survey will take about ten minutes. You may stop at any time. If you choose to stop participation, no information will be collected, and your survey will not be considered as part of the donation total. You may contact Alex Cohen ( if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. To take the survey, use the following link: