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Disability Awareness Month Profile: Jonathan Blair

Bosma Enterprises - 3/19/2018 10:00:00 AM

March is Disability Awareness Month in Indiana. Bosma Enterprises is participating in several ways. Watch our social media and our blog for updates throughout the month. We are posting several profiles of our employees to highlight the work they do and their lives. 

When Jonathan Blair was 14, his father started a new job which cause his family to leave their home state of Alabama and move to Indiana. Jonathan knew that going from the South to the Midwest, he would be sure to face some cultural differences.  But what he was most nervous about was trying to continue to hide that he was living with Retinitis Pigmentosa.

It wasn’t obvious that Jonathan was visually impaired- he did not walk with a white cane, or read Braille or large print books. He had been able to use the sight he had left to hide his condition from his teachers and classmates.   Although he had his struggles, he successfully graduated high school with the rest of his classmates.
After graduation, Jonathan’s vision remained fairly good, and he was still able to hide the fact he was going blind. He knew he wanted to work, but was afraid employers would not hire him due to his eye condition, so he continued to hide his declining vision.  He worked for a period of time in a fast food restaurant, and then as a telemarketer.  But it wasn’t until his brother-in-law brought him a job application that Jonathan found his perfect fit.  That was when he found Bosma Enterprises.

Since he started working at Bosma, Jonathan has worked in many departments, including the food room, production line, and as a container handler. But he truly enjoys his current position as the front desk receptionist at our Woodland Dr location.

When Jonathan is away from Bosma, he spends time with his children Araynna and Braydan. With two young adults in the house Jonathan admits his free time is limited, but he always makes time to go to church, and watch some Auburn football.