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Disability Awareness Month Profile: Sharon Long

Bosma Enterprises - 3/23/2018 10:00:00 AM

March is Disability Awareness Month in Indiana. Bosma Enterprises is participating in several ways. Watch our social media and our blog for updates throughout the month. We are posting several profiles of our employees to highlight the work they do and their lives. 

Parents pass along many traits, characteristics and gifts to their children. At times, these gifts can also be a curse.  Sharon Long’s “gift” was being born nearsighted and color blind, or what she calls her “big inheritance” from her parents.
For Sharon, black can sometimes appear to be red, making it hard to tell what’s around her. Living with a dual vision impairment made it difficult for Sharon to find gainful employment. However her luck changed when she was introduced to Bosma Enterprises by her Vocational Rehabilitation counselor.
Sharon remembers her first day on the production line. She was working near Awedi and Tekie and wondered how they were packing those gloves so quickly. It has been nine years since her first day on the job. Since her arrival, Sharon has made herself an asset to the organization. Not only does she pack gloves, but she also works in our Balkamp area packing auto parts.
When Sharon isn’t working, she enjoys listening to country and gospel music, watching some of her favorite shows like Full House and I Love Lucy and playing with her new great-grandchild.