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Disability Awareness Month Profile: Timathy Mills

Bosma Enterprises - 3/16/2018 10:00:00 AM

March is Disability Awareness Month in Indiana. Bosma Enterprises is participating in several ways. Watch our social media and our blog for updates throughout the month. We are posting several profiles of our employees to highlight the work they do and their lives. 

Tim Mills is lead of Bosma’s kitting operation, or what is also known as the shrink wrap room. Tim’s responsibilities include supervising employees, submitting purchase orders, and ensuring everything is running smoothly.  Tim is proud to work at Bosma and has made many friends over the years. 
Tim recently bought his first house, and has found himself doing a little more shopping than usual - he enjoys finding nice things for his home.  In his free time, Tim enjoys listening to music, spending time with his family and friends and thanks to the emerging presence of descriptive video at local theatres, Tim now enjoys going to the movies more.