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Bosma Enterprises: We're Here to Help

Bosma Enterprises - 5/22/2020 1:08:22 PM

Our resource and support line offers advice, support and encouragement to people with vision loss. Former Bosma Enterprises client, Kim Morris, shares how the support line has helped her stay positive during these challenging times.

Three years ago, Kim Morris received comprehensive rehabilitation services at Bosma Enterprises' Center for Visionary Solutions for the Blind. Thanks to the training she received, Kim was able to learn to live independently with a visual impairment.

Since completing her training, Kim has been volunteering at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis, handing out maps to visitors.

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the museum has been closed for several weeks. Kim looked forward to getting out of the house and socializing with museum guests and other members of the staff and finds that now with people social distancing, she misses interacting with others.

For Kim, all of the sudden changes during the coronavirus outbreak has caused anxiety in her life. Things like taking the bus to get around town can cause more stress when you are practicing social distancing. Kim needed someone to talk with about how she was feeling and was relieved to hear about our resource and support line.

This call-in line was established to help people who are blind stay connected during these challenging times.

For Kim, having the support of Bosma Enterprises means a lot. She knows through her own experience that our programs staff can relate to her situation and can give her advice on how to deal with life when she is feeling anxious. She would like to thank our programs staff for coming up with the support line and being a friendly voice to those who need one.

If you or someone you know is blind or visually impaired and needs resources during this time visit our website for COVID-19 emergency relief resources.