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COVID-19 and Your Mental Health

Bosma Enterprises - 5/8/2020 11:28:00 AM

Michelle Shaffer, adjustment counselor at Bosma Enterprises, shares tips and resources for maintaining your mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As the world continues to adjust to the constant changes brought on by COVID-19, we must remember none of us have ever lived through a pandemic like this. With that in mind, we have all felt the impact of COVID-19. Whether working remotely, e-learning or how we socialize with family and friends, every aspect of our lives has been affected. With the whole world racing, the constant changes to our way of living can take a significant toll on a person’s mental health.

We recently spoke with Michelle Shaffer, LCSW, and Adjustment Counselor at Bosma Enterprises, about ways to deal with stress and how we can maintain and improve our mental health. At our Center for Visionary Solutions for the Blind, Michelle helps people adjust to living with blindness. She helps to provide a safe and supportive environment where clients can express their emotions and speak freely about how they are feeling.

With all the uncertainty around us, Michelle understands how people can start to feel stressed and overwhelmed. She believes people should try their hardest to keep themselves and their children on a schedule.

“Keeping a schedule can bring some sense of normality to our lives,” Michelle said. Michelle suggests continuing to wake up and get dressed at your usual time as if you were going to work or your children were going to school. Sticking to a schedule can help differentiate between weekdays and weekends and bring a sense of normalcy to your life and prevent you from falling into a depressed state of mind.

Another suggestion to keep your mind off the pandemic is to start on a project that has an end date. Try doing a home improvement project, working on a puzzle, watching one of your favorite series on Netflix or getting creative in the kitchen. Staying busy is a great way to keep your mind occupied.

Staying connected with family and friends will also help. Even though we are practicing social distancing, utilizing technology to stay connected can make you feel less isolated. Try hosting a virtual party using Zoom or FaceTime to bring you closer to friends and family. Picking up the phone and hearing a familiar voice also works to bring a sense of joy in your life.

If you don’t have anyone to talk with and you’re feeling stressed, Bosma Enterprises has established a resource and support line for anyone struggling with their mental health. Our programs team is available every Tuesday and Thursday from 10-11 am. You can call and speak with Michelle or another member of our fantastic rehabilitation staff. Call us at 877.314.9891.

We are also here to answer your Assistive Technology or Vision Rehabilitation questions. Our resource and support line is open 8-4 Monday through Friday at 317.216.4664.

To listen to the full conversation with Michelle, visit the NavigatingBlindness podcast HERE.