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Physically Distanced, Socially Connected

Bosma Enterprises - 5/6/2020 2:42:38 PM

Bosma Enterprises employee and Navy Veteran Brian Clark shares his thoughts on ways for people to be together while physically staying apart.

Brian Clark, assistive technology associate at Bosma Enterprises, penned his thoughts as we move through this pandemic. He recalled some of his time while serving in the U.S. Navy as well as bringing his own idea for staying together while apart. 


Like so many others, I've grown to dislike the term social distancing, primarily because I think it isn't entirely accurate as we attempt to be physically separated but try to maintain our social connections. To me, physical distancing = social solidarity


Here’s an idea to help us stay socially together but physically distant:


Invite someone “over for dinner.” While we can't be physically located in the same place, it doesn't mean we can't still spend some time together. Send along one of your favorite recipes to some friends and have them prepare it. At the same time, have them send their recipe to you. Do a little coordinating as far as prep times and when the meal will be ready. When everyone is all set, connect using Zoom, Skype, Facetime or just a regular phone call on speaker, and voila, you have a meal you can share with friends.


One final thought:


With everything that is going on, this reminds me of my time spent in the military during the first Gulf War. As you may recall, that conflict was very short and ended very convincingly. Like most serving during that period, I was not directly involved in the conflict, my ship was assigned to the area after the fighting was long over. However, this did not reduce the sense of pride, accomplishment and teamwork we all felt being a part of the United States Armed Forces at that time.


I am starting to experience those same feelings with all we are asked to shoulder as we fight the coronavirus. Most of us are not on the front lines like the medical professionals, food service or transportation workers, and don't forget the fellow employees of our great organizations who work the front lines as they prepare the armor that our medical service providers will need in the upcoming weeks. We all have our part to do in this fight.