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Demolition is nearly complete

Bosma Enterprises - 11/21/2016 11:42:06 AM

Demolition is nearly complete at the new Bosma Enterprises' facility on Corporate Drive. 

Work now begins remodeling our new building

Demolition is nearly complete at Bosma Enterprises' new facility. There are also big changes happening at our Zionsville Rd. location. Here are some photos and a video to keep you updated on the progress. We should see contractors starting to build very soon!

Workers deconstruct racks at Bosma's Zionsville Rd. building.Workers have began the process of deconstructing the racks in Bosma Enterprises' facility on Zionsville Rd. These will be moved to the new building. 

Photo showing former location of wall at wallbreaking ceremony
Remember the wall-breaking ceremony? The wall that we started breaking down is now gone.

Here's a short video of the first floor after demolition.