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Bosma Enterprises and Good Works™

Bosma Enterprises - 10/21/2019 12:30:37 PM

Winter is coming, stock up on Good Works™ Ice Melter today to prepare.

Bosma Enterprises is on a mission to branch out into the commercial market with the launch of
our Good Works™ Ice Melter. The opportunity to have one of our products on the shelves of
socially conscious businesses will help us to continue to fight to lower the 70% nationwide
unemployment rate among people who are blind. With the Launch of Good Works™, we can
continue our mission of creating opportunities for people who are blind. All the while,
demonstrating to the public that people who are blind can provide quality work and service
despite their visual impairment.

The first product is Good Works™ Ice Melter. It is packaged in a convenient
10-pound shaker jug. It is comprised of one of the best, most effective blends on the market and
melts ice on contact. Our exceptional Good Works™ Ice Melter is packed and shipped by our
dedicated employees, and with winter rapidly approaching, production of these new 10-pound
shaker jugs is beginning to ramp up.

Bosma Enterprises is working on building relationships with socially-responsible businesses to
partner with us to fight the 70 percent unemployment rate among people who are blind or
visually impaired. As an organization dedicated to creating opportunities for individuals who are
blind or visually impaired, every purchase you make helps create jobs for people who are blind
or visually impaired. When you buy Good Works™ Ice Melter, you can rest assured that your
support is making a difference in the lives of people who are blind or visually impaired.

To get your Good Works™ Ice Melter call 800.362.546.