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National Disability Employment Awareness Month

Bosma Enterprises - 10/22/2019 9:40:26 AM

Join Bosma Enterprises in our mission of creating opportunities for people who are blind by hosting an intern for National Disability Employment Awareness Month.

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM), and Bosma Enterprises is joining the campaign to raise awareness of the workforce capabilities of people who are blind or visually impaired. During NDEAM, we are asking employers and businesses to consider hosting an intern for NDEAM. 
Unfortunately, many stereotypes and misperceptions hinder the employment of people who are blind. The unemployment rate for people who are blind is 62% in Indiana, and 70% nationwide. Is this because people who are blind do not want to work, or is it due to the negative stereotypes or the public’s lack of knowledge when it comes to blindness? All of these factors play a role in the high unemployment rate for the blind community.
Despite all of the negative perceptions that surround blindness, people who are blind are more than capable of employment. With the advancements in technology, the possibilities are endless. People who are blind can use a computer with the help of screen readers, which converts the text on the screen to speech output. Having access to screen readers allows a person who is blind to use Microsoft applications, search the internet and work in a variety of office settings. 
Another concern of employers is transportation. Since people who are blind cannot drive, how do they get back and forth to work? Some people may take the city bus, and others may use a paratransit system that picks you up from your home while others may use a family member, a taxi or a ride-sharing service. No matter the method of transportation used, people who are blind will find a way to get to and from work.
People who are blind are an untapped workforce comprised of dedicated employees that possess the skills, knowledge and talent to fill many positions. For NDEAM, we are asking employers to consider allowing a person who is blind to intern at your business. To learn more about the capabilities of people who are blind, visit