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All Sales Final, As Shuts Down

Bosma Enterprises - 9/23/2016 3:17:35 PM

On September 30, 2016, will shut down. What are the consequences for those who rely on this service?

On September 30, 2016, will shut down, and of course, the company is apologizing for any inconvenience it is causing. One consequence that it won’t likely ever be aware of is the effect this has on those who rely on home delivery of products. Many people, including the blind and visually impaired, do not have an economical transportation resource to get them to local storefronts. Even if they did, there are privacy issues involved. If you can’t see what’s on the shelves, you have to ask a clerk for assistance in finding personal items. What other services are available that meet the home delivery needs of the blind and visually impaired?

*As of this writing, CVS's website has lowered their free shipping limit to $35 in purchases, down from $50. Google Express offers Walgreens products, and a $15 order can be delivered for only $5, or you can subscribe to the service and get deliveries for $9.99 a month, less for a full year. Although Amazon Prime is a consideration, some of its pricing is significantly higher than the competition. Peapod also has some drugstore items, but again, the price can be higher than a customer wants to pay.

*Bosma Enterprises is not advocating one retailer over another, and is just providing some food for consumer thought. All pricing listed in this article can change at any time.