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Bosma Enterprises launches commercial division

Bosma Enterprises - 9/13/2018 8:41:23 PM

Bosma Enterprises is moving into a new frontier with the company’s launch of the Commercial Products & Services division.

Good Works a new brand for commercial products

While Bosma Enterprises has years of experience in the government market, the company has a limited background selling its products and services in the retail sector. In order to further its mission of creating employment opportunities for people who are blind, the organization has launched a new division of commercial products and services. To head this new division, Bosma Enterprises brought Lee White on board as vice president of commercial sales.
The first step for the new division’s launch was to determine a product or products to sell in
the commercial market. The team started with Bosma Enterprises’ existing portfolio of products in order to capitalize on its current expertise. The company’s core competencies lie in its health and safety line of products. The team also went to work identifying customers and distributors for the products. They found considerable opportunities for working with home improvement retailers and landscaping companies. To bolster the organization’s position in the commercial space, Bosma also developed a brand to communicate the mission behind the products.
A 2017 study by Cone Communications found that 87 percent of consumers said they would purchase a product because a company advocated for an issue they cared about1. With this in mind, Bosma Enterprises set out to launch a brand people could feel good about purchasing. Through research, development and testing, the Good Works™ brand was formed. This line of health and safety products gives back twofold. First, it offers customers a high-quality product and second, it provides individuals with vision loss the opportunity to support themselves through meaningful work.
Bosma found its Ice Melter to be a feasible first product to launch under the Good Works brand. Bosma knows Ice Melter well, and has been selling it for years in the government sector but found the current configurations unsuitable for the retail space. Further research was conducted and a gap was discovered in the consumer market for a convenient 10-pound shaker jug of a high-quality Ice Melter. The marketing and production departments came together to develop packaging and reconfigure the current equipment to support this new jug. With Ice Melter season rapidly approaching, production of these new 10-pound shaker jugs is beginning to ramp up and you can expect to see Good Works Ice Melter at local hardware stores by 2019. Watch for updates, as Good Works continuously adds high-quality products to its offerings.
The company is confident that with its quality products and services, Bosma Enterprises and Good Works will soon be household names and customers around the country will know of the life-changing services provided to people who are blind.
If you are interested in learning more about Bosma’s Commercial Products and Services, please contact Lee White, VP of commercial sales, at 317.557.5722 or
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