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Never Too Late - Or Too Old - To Give Back

Bosma Enterprises - 9/11/2019 10:52:41 AM

September 11th is Patriot Day and a National Day of Service and Remembrance. On this day Americans across the country are called to volunteer in their local communities in tribute to the individuals lost and injured in the attacks, first responders, and the many who have risen in service to defend freedom.

Bosma Enterprises is Indiana's largest employer of and sole provider of comprehensive services for people who are blind. Each year, we serve nearly 800 Hoosiers facing vision loss. We provide a multitude of services that range from rehabilitation services to assisting in the search for gainful employment or sometimes referring them to another resource that would fit their needs.
With so many requiring our services, we depend on our volunteers to help out in several ways. Some people have a specific skill set that they want to share with others. Others act as sighted guides at events and outings for employees and clients. 
Volunteers are essential in helping us meet the needs of the hundreds of clients we serve each year. On this National Day of Service, we chat with Elnora Yokum's, one of our senior volunteers, on why she chooses to volunteer at Bosma Enterprises. Volunteer opportunities she has taken part in and the joy she gets from volunteering.
No matter your skillset or age, we have a volunteer opportunity for you. 
Recently, we spoke with Elnora Yokum, a senior volunteer, to see why she chose to volunteer at Bosma Enterprises and the impact it has made on her life.
Bosma Enterprises: What motivated you to apply to volunteer with our organization? 
Elnora: I have a family member who works at Bosma Enterprises.
BE: What would you like to get out of the volunteering experience? 
E: To keep busy. I am 84 years old, and even though my legs don't work so well, my hands and mouth work fine!
BE: What are your expectations for volunteering with our organization? 
E: Just to be useful.
BE: Why do you enjoy volunteering? 
E: I like being with the people at Bosma when I can come into the office. The days I can't make it in, I can do just about any project the volunteer manager sends home for me.
BE: What types of projects have you volunteered on?
E: Prepping for events, organizing supplies, lots and lots of things. I seem to be most helpful with the event prep, especially things that are very detail-orientated and time-consuming.
BE: How do you feel after volunteering your time and talent? 
E: Good. Tired, but a good kind of tired. I feel like I'm contributing and keeping myself busy and my sharp.
For Elnora, volunteering is a way to stay active and contribute her years of knowledge to a great cause. Her help ensures we can continue our mission of providing opportunities for Hoosiers who are blind and a way for her to be around people passionate about our mission. If you are interested in helping us with our mission to create opportunities for people who are blind or visually impaired, please visit