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Bosma Enterprises, Wounded Warrior Program Announce Partnership

Bosma Enterprises - 9/22/2020 8:00:00 AM

Bosma Enterprises has formed a strategic partnership with the Wounded Warrior Program to create jobs for people who are blind and help find employment for wounded veterans. 

Nonprofits team up to bring opportunities to people with vision loss and wounded veterans

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                        
INDIANAPOLIS – Bosma Enterprises and the Wounded Warrior Program are excited to announce a strategic partnership to generate opportunities and employment for people with vision loss and wounded veterans.
Bosma Enterprises, a nonprofit and AbilityOne Program agency, is committed to social and employment equity and provides job opportunities for people who are blind or visually impaired. In this partnership, Bosma Enterprises employees will package Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kits to be sold by the Wounded Warrior Program. Proceeds will not only create jobs for people who are blind or visually impaired but also help the Wounded Warrior Program place wounded vets in jobs.
“Bosma and the Wounded Warrior Program share a mission of providing meaningful employment to people who have disabilities,” said Bosma Enterprises President and CEO Jeffrey Mittman. “We are proud to partner to create opportunities to work to this population as we are doing our part to keep the public safe and protected with high-quality PPE.”
Bosma Enterprises is the largest employer of Hoosiers who have lost their vision and the leading provider of rehabilitation and training services for people with blindness or visual impairment in Indiana. Bosma provides job opportunities across several lines of business, such as warehousing, fulfillment, sales/marketing, Good Works® products and services, health care kitting and contract packaging.
The Wounded Warrior Program supports veterans who have sustained service-related injuries and/or health conditions, whether physical, mental and or emotional, and who are registered with the Wounded Warrior Program. These veterans benefit from the distribution and sale of a wide range of office, medical and technology supplies that are available to government agencies, private businesses and corporations.
David Godbold, Ph.D., CEO of Wounded Warrior Program, noted that “partnering with Bosma not only opens doors for veteran employment but also unlocks access to thousands of everyday items needed to keep our people safe and healthy in workplaces throughout the federal government and elsewhere.”