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IT is a rapidly changing environment.

Are you ready?

Good Works IT Consulting can ensure you are ready to grow, adapt and be more competitive. We offer services that cover all areas of IT implementation and maintenance. From everyday issues to complex installations, we bring decades of experience to meet your needs.


Server and Desktop/Laptop Support - Our team can provide installation and support of servers, individual computers including software installation, anti-virus, hardware and software sales. 
Network and Internet Configuration - We will manage your project from beginning to end, including designing and setting up your network, internet access, WiFi, email and printers. 
Salesforce Consulting - We can provide support for Salesforce instances like day-to-day operations, report writing
BlindSquare Sales, Setup and Configuration - Good Works IT Consulting is an authorized distributor of the indoor navigation system, BlindSquare, as well as a certified installer. Make your location accessible and easy to navigate for people who are blind or visually impaired. 
508 Compliance - Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act sets forth standards where your technology should be accessible to people with disabilites. We can use our unique expereince to ensure your website and other technology are accessible to all users. 

If you would like to speak to someone about our services or would like a quote, contact Jason Bailey at 

“Jason, David and the Good Works IT Consulting team did an incredible job in helping the Blinded Veterans Association begin our immense database clean up project. Not only did they help clean up thousands of records, but David also trained me on how to be a more effective database manager for my team. I feel more in control of my data now than ever before!”

--Andrea Malmer, Blinded Veterans Association