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A woman on the snow covered ground holding her ankle

Slip and falls can be costly

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the average cost of a slip and fall on ice is $28,000. 

Bosma Enterprises offers customers the most effective ice melt available. Your purchase creates jobs for people who are blind, which impacts the community long after the winter weather is gone. Download for more information.

It's fast
Our specially-designed, angular, blue granules melt ice on contact and cover more ground. It is more effective and requires less than other deicers making it more economical. 

It's powerful
Our super-powerful formula melts right through ice, even on the coldest winter day. It is effective all the way down to -16
˚F (rock salt is only effective to 12˚F).

It's safe
You don't have to worry. SKILCRAFT
® Ice Melt is safer for the environment because it requires less, making it safer for plants and grass along treated areas.

It's convenient 
Our ice melt is conveniently packaged in economical 50 lb. bags or in stackable, recyclable cartons with removeable liners.

For more information or to place your Ice Melt order contact us at 800.362.5463 or

Your purchase. A greater good. 

Your purchase from Bosma Enterprises makes a lasting impact in the community. We are proud to be Indiana's largest employer and provider of rehabilitation programs for people who are blind. When you buy from Bosma Enterprises, you create jobs and fund programs that work to lower the 70 percent unemployment rate among people with vision loss. Learn more about us.
Download the safety data sheet