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If there was one word to describe Imran, it would be "undeterred." Imran’s story begins in a small, rural town in Pakistan. He and his older sister were both born blind.

“Growing up in Pakistan,” he says, “it was certainly not easy.”

Resources were scarce, and there were few educational options for people who were blind. Accessible books were nearly impossible to find, so Imran and his sister would painstakingly transcribe books into Braille.

But Imran’s parents were determined to give their children a better future.

“I give a lot of credit to my parents,” he says.

His father moved the family to the capital city, hoping for better resources, educational options and opportunities for Imran and his sister. Imran’s mother taught herself Braille so she could help her children with their schoolwork. They were constant advocates for Imran and his sister, and they imparted in their children a sense of determination and drive.

“Many people have very low expectations of what blind people can achieve and can do,” Imran says. “But that empowered me. It motivated me. There’s a challenge – I need to prove people wrong.”

Bosma Enterprises blind male employee instructing a Bosma rehabilitation client in a computer lab

As a teenager, Imran became interested in computers. He knew computer expertise would open up a world of opportunities, but training programs in Pakistan weren’t accessible for people who are blind or visually impaired. So, Imran taught himself computer skills through trial-and-error, with the help of a sighted instructor and the screen reading software, JAWS.

When he learned that there wasn’t talking software in his first language of Urdu, he set his sights on a new goal: He would learn computers and how to code, so he could create a talking software in his own language.

To achieve this goal, Imran knew he would need further education. Through networking, he gained a sponsorship at a four-year college in Wisconsin. Imran and his sister traveled halfway around the world to start a new life in the U.S.

Close up view of a heat sink in a computer

After graduating from college, Imran was faced with a deadline. In order to stay in the U.S., he would have to find a job within three months. With the deadline closing in, Imran interviewed at Bosma Enterprises and got a job – just in time. Today, Imran is an assistive technology instructor.

“Computer technology opened up a lot of doors for me,” he explains. “Knowing that fact, I always teach my clients with the same idea in mind that this will serve as a great tool for them when it comes to being successful in life.”

Since getting the job, Imran says his life has changed in countless ways. He became a U.S. citizen. He got married and started a family. He bought his first home. Bosma Enterprises put Imran on the path to success, and now he has the opportunity to give back.

“My job allows me to empower others.”


“I feel honored to be part of the Bosma family,” Imran says. “My job allows me to empower others. Here, I was put in a position where I could actually empower other people like me. It gives me great satisfaction when I’m able to come to work and help them achieve their goals.”