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When Joe's parents learned he could be blind by his 18th birthday, they were devastated.  They wondered how he would ever live an independent life without his sight.

Joe Iames was only 15 years old when he was diagnosed with the degenerative eye disease 
Retinitis Pigmentosa. He was told he could lose all of his vision by the time he turned 18. His 
parents, Gil and Jeanne, were devastated. They were concerned about Joe’s future and they 
wondered if he would ever be able to live independently. They felt as though all their hopes 
and dreams for their son had disappeared. How was he going to live without his sight?  
So much was unknown.

When the family began searching for resources, they found Bosma Enterprises. Joe and 
his parents toured Bosma and learned about the rehabilitation programs that we offer. Gil 
and Jeanne began to have hope for their son’s future. Shortly after, Joe became a client and 
began to relearn how to live his life. He learned to read Braille, use a screen magnifier on his 
computer and label food so he was able to prepare his own meals again. 

Joe’s life changed when he found Bosma. He realized that “just because someone is blind or visually impaired, it doesn’t mean their life completely stops.” 

Someone who is blind can still do all the same things someone with sight does, the only difference is how they do it. Joe and his parents were pleasantly surprised to learn that people who are blind can work and be independent. Thanks to the training he received at Bosma, Joe found a job and has never been happier.