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Braces that work with your body, not against it

Bosma Enterprises® has partnered with Kay Kare LLC to offer new, patented, innovative shoulder/arm braces that do not have a strap that pulls on the neck thereby reducing the risk of secondary neck problems. The open flap technology allows the flap to wrap over the injured arm forming a sleeve and securing it in place with one Velcro strip. Instead of moving the painful, weak or injured arm to fit in a brace, the brace itself fits over the arm. This patented design offers an ease of use that improves patient compliance and improves clinical efficiency by reducing the time of application. Additionally, the Kay Kare brace offers cost-savings and inventory control because one brace can be used for multiple utilizations.

Kay Kare Braces are FDA approved and eligible for Medicare reimbursement.

Made in the USA.

Your purchase creates jobs for people who are blind or visually impaired. 

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The design of the Kay Kare braces offers multiple applications.
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