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The emotional and physical isolation of the last 18 months has been especially hard on people with vision loss. Now, more than ever before, we’ve seen Hoosiers who are visually impaired slip into poverty. 

Year to date, Bosma’s Information/Referral Line has taken over 1,200 calls connecting Hoosiers with vision loss to vital resources. The callers’ needs are real and immediate. Their stories vary…some lost jobs due to the pandemic, some who are new to vision loss delayed enrolling in training programs, others have simply lost hope. Even before the pandemic, there was a 70% unemployment rate for individuals with vision loss. 

The urgency of getting these people out of desperation and back into the job force, training, and life is critical. 

These are issues we can solve with your help. Your donations, no matter how large or small have an immediate impact on the lives of people who live right here, in our Hoosier communities. 

Your gift. Huge Impact.

Even the smallest gift can change a life.

  • $50 can buy a white cane
  • $25/month can buy a group counseling session
  • $42/month can buy a laptop computer

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