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Center-Based Services

Our Center for Visionary Solutions, located in Indianapolis, now serves over 800 clients per year. At the beginning of each client’s training, our staff (more than half of whom are, themselves, blind or visually impaired) performs an assessment of that individual’s needs and goals before recommending a Basic or Advanced Training Track, plus other applicable education.
Housing is provided for those living outside the Indianapolis area, and training generally lasts between three to five months, based on an individual’s goals and abilities. Throughout the process, clients are supported by staff and fellow students as they learn the skills they need to remain independent.

Basic Training Track

  • Independent Living


Advanced Training Tracks

  • Job Readiness
  • Customer Service Certification
  • Higher Education Readiness 
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Community-Based Services

Bosma Enterprises® is Indiana’s largest provider of services to people who are blind or visually impaired. From our central location in Indianapolis, we travel to all parts of Indianapolis—visiting clients in their communities, and teaching them (in both one-on-one and group situations) the skills they need to continue living independently.

Following a one-on-one consultation and learning a client’s goals, instructors develop a customized training plan that helps people with blindness or visual impairment continue reading, cooking, getting around safely and enjoying their favorite hobbies. 

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Training and Employment Programs

The current unemployment rate for people who are blind or visually impaired is 70 percent. That’s a big number—and the reason why one of Bosma’s top priorities is creating job opportunities for Indiana’s nearly 160,000 residents with vision loss.

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