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Today, nearly 160,000 Hoosiers are blind or visually impaired—enough to form Indiana’s third-largest city. As Indiana’s largest provider of rehabilitation services for people with vision loss, Bosma offers the tools and training clients need to live independent, fulfilling lives. Your donation to Bosma Visionary Opportunities Foundation® will help us help others.

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Hoosiers 18 and up get programs at little or not cost.

Your donations have a direct effect.

The generosity of individuals and businesses makes it possible for Bosma Enterprises to offer tools and training at little or no cost to clients. When you make a donation to Bosma, you’ll be helping to fund services ranging from adjustment counseling, to mobility training, to adaptive technology training, to vocational readiness, to job placement—and by doing so, you’ll be helping hundreds of people with vision loss to maintain their independence in spite of vision loss. To learn more, please call 317.871.2176.

Here to get help?

Whether vision loss is affecting you or someone close to you, Bosma Enterprises can help by providing assistive tools and training. Our experienced staff members, more than half of whom are blind or visually impaired, offer services ranging from counseling to job placement—all tailored to the needs of the individual client.
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1097 Hoosiers served by our rehab and employment programs

Sight can be limited. Possibilities can’t.

Some of the programs that Bosma Enterprises offers to adult Indiana residents with vision loss include Center-Based Services (which furnishes training to clients at a centrally-based location, and provide housing for those living outside the Indianapolis area), Community-Based Services (which brings instruction into clients’ homes throughout the state), and Community Employment Services (which helps clients retain or find jobs, and also consults with employers of those clients). All training programs are customized to fit the goals of individual clients—who receive our services at little or no cost. To learn more, please call 317.684.0600.

Visionary solutions for the blind and visually impaired.