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A photo of Jadyn

Jadyn Rudd is one determined young woman

Jadyn is a former client and now an employee at Bosma.
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Accessibility in the DEIA conversation

For a long time, diversity, equity and inclusion, DEI, has been top of mind for organizations of all sizes across all sectors of our economy, but DEI alone is not enough. One critical element is missing from the well-known acronym — the “A.” It stands for accessibility.
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Bosma Navigating Blindness logo

Helping Hoosiers overcome adversity

This Labor Day, we reflect on the challenges and celebrate the accomplishments of people who are blind and their journey to independence.
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Jeff Mittman presenting the Hasbrook Award to Tom Zampieri

Bosma announces Hasbrook Award winner

Bosma is proud to announce this years award winners from the Thomas C. Hasbrook Award Breakfast.
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Gov. Holcomb should sign HB 1242

Governor Holcomb can take a stand for Hoosiers with disabilities by signing HB 1242, securing jobs for this underserved group.
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Bosma Visionary Opportunities Foundation

Bosma to host Hasbrook Breakfast

Today, Bosma announced its annual Thomas C. Hasbrook awards breakfast will include a panel discussion with leaders in autonomous vehicle technology and research. The event will begin at 7:30 a.m. on Thursday, March 10 at the Dallara IndyCar Factory and will feature special guest former IndyCar driver Sarah Fisher and emcee Terry Stacy from WIBC.
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