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Evelyn Sue, an in-home Rehabilitation client poses for a close-up headshot

The Measure of Success

“I was always active and now, with modifications that Amy showed me for my walking sticks, I’m back walking at the YMCA. I do water aerobics twice a week. I’m comfortable in my own home. It feels good.”
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Craig, a former client, posing with his new guide dog outside of church

I Needed to Learn How to Be Blind

 “I needed to learn to be blind. I advanced my computer, phone, and mobility skills and found all kinds of technology I didn’t even know existed. Bosma introduced me to so many new possibilities,” Craig said.
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Photo of Karen Steinberg graduating Bosma's Rehabilitation Program

Go Where the Journey Takes You

“I would tell others facing the challenges of blindness to take time to grieve...but not too much time. You can get your independence back. I do things now that I couldn't do before. I love cooking and baking. I have more computer skills than ever, and the white cane gives me the independence I craved,” said Karen.
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Our Goodworks Performance Pro is now Manufactured in the USA

GoodWorks Performance Pro is now Manufactured in America

Bosma Enterprises is proud to offer a new exam glove manufactured in the USA.
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Brain Petraits with his wife and two children and Jeff Mittman, Bosma president and CEO

Leader of the Year: Brian Petraits

Brian Petraits, Bosma's director of manufacturing was named the Leader of the Year for 2023.
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