Bosma Enterprises IT Consulting

Helping you navigate the changing IT landscape

From solving everyday issues to managing complex installations, the Bosma Enterprises IT Consulting team can help your business grow, adapt and successfully compete in today’s marketplace. As an authorized distributor and certified installer of the indoor navigation system BlindSquare, our IT consulting also specializes in making your workplace accessible and easy to navigate. In addition, we use our specialized experience to ensure your website and other technology are accessible to all users and in compliance with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, which sets the technology accessibility standards for companies with government contracts or organizations wishing to have those contracts.

Our IT services include:

  • Hardware and software consultation
  • Software installation and virus/malware prevention and removal
  • Network and internet configuration – Wi-Fi, email servers, network printers
  • Salesforce consultation and support – day-to-day operations, report writing
  • BlindSquare sales, installation and configuration 
  • 508 compliance testing and recommendations


Level 1:

  • Project management
  • BlindSquare setup and configuration
  • 508 compliance testing and recommendations

Level 2:

  • Server support
  • Internet setup/configuration
  • Email setup/configuration
  • Wi-Fi setup/configuration
  • Salesforce administration

Level 3:

  • Desktop and laptop support
  • BlindSquare testing

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Andrea Malver

Blinded Veterans Association

"Jason, David, and the Bosma Enterprises IT Consulting Team did an incredible job in helping the Blinded Veterans Association begin our immense database cleanup project. Not only did they help clean up thousands of records, but David also trained me on how to be a more effective Data Manager for my team. I feel more in control of my data now, than ever before!"