Bosma's employment and training programs have elevated hundreds of lives. Each day, we work to deliver opportunities to people who are blind or visually impaired, bringing hope and independence to so many. Here are just a few stories about Bosma's impact in the community. 

Dan holding his dog.

Dan's Story

Dan is a former student in the Student Training and Employment Program and is now working towards his associates degree.

image of rhonda

Rhonda's Story

Bosma helped Rhonda navigate her blindness with confidence and gave her the opportunity to have a successful career.

an image of Chris

Chris' Story

Chris received the terrifying words, "You are going blind." He didn't know what he would do. He didn't know how he would care for his family. He didn't know how he would continue his career.

an image of Mark

Mark's Story

Diagnosed with a rare degenerative eye disease as a teenager, Mark spent his young adult years wondering what a life without vision was going to look like.

image of Ory

Ory's Story

Ory was 30 when he woke up feeling a little off, and then passed out. The next thing he knew, he was in ICU and woke up totally blind.

an image of a woman using the phone

Doris' Story

When Doris went to the doctor with concerns about her vision, her worst fears were confirmed – she was diagnosed with early-stage macular degeneration.

an image of joel

Joel's Story

Joel is a graduate of Bosma’s Rehabilitation and Business Enterprise Programs and new business owner of Vision 2.0 Vending.

A photo of Linda smiling.

Linda's Story

Linda has genetic-grade glaucoma with no sight in her right eye and diminishing sight in the left, yet she sees the world so clearly. 

Caleb smiling

Caleb's Story

At age 21, Caleb's vision started to decline quickly. He had to make some life decisions, knowing some of his life goals.