Bosma now offers single-use scopes

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Bosma Enterprises is proud to partner with the world’s largest supplier of single-use endoscopes to provide these life-saving devices to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). These scopes are sterile and always available, improving safety, workflow, and productivity. 

“Partnerships like this one with Ambu allow Bosma to provide innovative solutions to help our customers care for their patients, all while supporting our mission of creating opportunities for people who are blind,” said Jeff Mittman, Bosma president & CEO. “We have started selling these scopes with the VA, but we believe there is a larger impact to serve other government agencies to not only help our country’s veterans but also its warfighters and their families.”

Single-use scopes are an important tool for the VA. With 8% of reusable scopes being contaminated and 20% of those leading to cross-infection, these scopes can help save lives. Ambu’s scopes offer an extra measure of safety for all patients without the risk of cross-contamination. 

Ambu single-use scopes are available now to the VA through the Med-Surg Prime Vendor Program. This allows these products to be readily available when our customers need them. 

If you would like to find out more about the Ambu scopes we carry, visit, contact your Bosma Enterprises sales representative or contact one of our official distributors: