Product Spotlight: AccelerateOR Kits

Reduce turnover time while preventing cross-contamination

Improve Patient Safety by preventing cross-contamination and maximizing barrier protection.

Every item in our AccelerateOR kit is disposable and our table sheets are designed to wick moisture away from the skin, while the absorbent technology keeps the operating table free from body fluids and bacteria. Our Sahara® AbsorbentOR Table Sheet can absorb over 7 liters of fluid, which is over 4375% of its mass (1). This can help reduce the risk of OR-related pressure ulcers, MASD or HAI. The Sahara® Grippy is a variation of the table sheet ideal for surgical procedures that require a tilted position. 

Time is money. 

Each minute of wasted operating room (OR) time costs an average of $60-100 dollars (2). Best practice is a 15-minute turnover time, yet the average is 31.5 minutes (3). Bosma’s AccelerateOR kits offer an assortment of disposable linens, bags and mop heads used for an easy and efficient cleanup between procedures. Take this opportunity to turn lost time into improved patient care. For example, saving just one minute of turnover time can help you gain 8 cases a month and up to 97 cases a year! 

Get exactly what you need, when you need it.

Best of all, these kits are fully customizable so you get exactly what you need without the extra waste. Save money on laundering and replacement costs for linens and table pads, while making your OR more efficient. Bosma will assemble and deliver them whenever you need them under one item number. Some items that can be bundled in your personalized kit include but are not limited to:  


  • Sahara® OR Table Sheet

  • Draw Tape bags 40”x40” (red, blue or clear)

  • Draw Cord bags

  • Disposable washcloths

  • Disposable mop head (microfiber, rayon or poly)

  • Armboard covers with Arm Straps

  • Head positioner cover

  • Body-positioning straps

  • Kick Bucket bags (red, yellow or clear)

  • Disposable draw/lift sheet (for patient transfers)

And don't forget about our Patient Transport Packs- also made to prevent cross-contamination, improve transport time and eliminate costs related to use of textiles. These packs come in a variety of options and can be customized as well.

Not seeing something that you would like to add? Talk with your Bosma Rep about other options to include in your Custom Kit. 

(1) According to study, “Liquid Absorption Capacity vs Competitors”  
(2)Complexities in the Operating Room, Patrick Garner, UPMC Presbyterian and Montefiore Surgery Department, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA
(3)Data on file. Bosma Enterprises, Indianapolis, IN