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A woman on the snow covered ground holding her ankle

Bosma Enterprises’ Good Works™ products make a difference in the lives of those who use them, and those who produce them.

Bosma Enterprises’ line of exceptional Good Works products are packed and shipped by our own employees, for use by socially responsible companies.

According to the American Foundation® for the Blind, there are 25.5 million adult Americans with vision loss. Along with the other challenges that come with blindness or visual impairment, these men and women are facing a 70% unemployment rate.

The sale of Good Works products creates jobs for individuals with vision loss—enabling them to live independently—while simultaneously helping to fund our rehabilitation and employment programs.

Our Good Works™ Ice Melter offers higher performance at lower temperatures.

Bosma Enterprises’ Good Works Ice Melter is a professional strength safety product that is easier to use, requires less application, and starts melting ice on contact at temperatures down to -16°F. 

Superior Chemical Blend
One of the best, most effective blends on the market melts ice on contact and requires a lower usage of product than other de-icers. Contains Magnesium Chloride, Calcium Chloride, Potassium Chloride and Sodium Chloride.

Higher Effectiveness at Lower Temperatures
Our Good Works Ice Melt outperforms rock salt, offering superior melting performance at temperatures as low as -16°F. 

Colored Crystals Prevent Waste
Specially-designed, non-staining blue crystals are easier to see against ice and snow, preventing overuse.

Easier on Surfaces
Properly applied, our ice melt is less harmful to concrete, asphalt and landscaping. 

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