Linda's Story

It’s hard to talk with Linda Dagey and not feel better about life. 

Linda has genetic-grade glaucoma with no sight in her right eye and diminishing sight in the left, yet she sees the world so clearly. Photo of Linda Dagey

Linda graduated college in June of 2010 with a degree in psychology and addictions counseling and in July “the snow” came. The glaucoma was getting worse. After consulting with physicians, she had surgery and her vision improved for about a year. A series of health issues followed, but then her life turned around with a knock on the door.

The baby boy she had put up for adoption 44 years earlier was standing at her door. He had found her through and the two were reunited. Linda now knew her purpose. 

“I promised him I would do everything I could to get back on my feet and right in my life. We’ve seen or talked to each other every day since then,” she said joyfully. 

She called Bosma. 

“I had to get help navigating and I knew my sight was getting worse. I wanted him to be proud of me. But I also wanted it for me. Through this process, I am gaining momentum and strength. I’m learning how to function and operate; how to be effective and self-confident through their teaching.

“They (Bosma) are the kindest people I have ever met in my life and I'm 72 - I’ve met a lot of people! Every person there has a degree of excellence, whether it's computer training, mobility training or life skills training. They are all incredibly amazing and caring people.  

“I had the opportunity to go to Dining in the Dark (Bosma’s annual fundraising event) this year as a client. It was so inspiring to see clients and donors in the same room in the darkness. We were all equal. When the lights came up, I wanted to stand up and say, thank you! Without donors like you and your generous gifts, I would not be considered for a program like this. I am where your money went. And, I am worth it. It all happens because somebody like you reaches into their pocket to do a good thing.

“I’d love to go back to work but if I can’t, I will volunteer for Bosma. I will give back to the organization and people who gave me my life back,” Linda concluded.