Ory's Story

Photo of Ory WatsonTry to imagine going about your day, feeling a little off, and then passing out. The next thing you know you are in ICU and when you wake up, you are totally blind.

This is Ory Watson’s story. At age 30 he was sighted one day and blind the next. The doctors told him he was lucky to be alive, but Ory didn’t feel very lucky. 

He would tell you that all changed when his eye doctor told him about Bosma.  Ory’s world began to change when he started Bosma’s Rehabilitation Center. 

“The rehab program showed me how to navigate being blind. They taught me everything - daily living skills like cooking, technology just for people with vision loss, and how to move around outside with the white cane. They even took me to downtown Indianapolis to learn how to safely cross intersections. Bosma gave me back the independence I had lost,” said Ory.

“What I really liked was learning to use the computer. I even went through the Salesforce training which I really enjoyed, but COVID cut the class short before I could get certified. I’d like to work with computers someday.

“The group sessions were really helpful. I knew others were experiencing what I was going through and could relate to what I was going through. In fact, I wouldn’t mind going back to group sessions and talking with the people who are there now,” said Ory.

After completing the rehab program, Ory started volunteering at Bosma. He filled out surveys on the computer and help others learn to type. He also helped the senior citizens play bingo and Jeopardy games. 

Bosma’s Employment Services helped Ory look for a job for almost a year and this summer he started working at Buttons Galore in Brownsburg, just 5 minutes away from his home. “I haven’t worked in so long that I really have to get used to working again! 

“I would tell any who finds themselves in my position that going to Bosma is the best decision they will make. Everyone there is helpful, friendly, and provides whatever you need. They stay in contact with you when you leave and continue to be a great resource, he concluded.