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Our Goodworks Performance Pro is now Manufactured in the USA

GoodWorks Performance Pro is now Manufactured in America

Bosma Enterprises is proud to offer a new exam glove manufactured in the USA.
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Photo of Jody May smiling

Determination Makes All Things Possible

Imagine waking from a coma 17 days after a horrific car accident, totally blind. That was Joy's experience.
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Brain Petraits with his wife and two children and Jeff Mittman, Bosma president and CEO

Leader of the Year: Brian Petraits

Brian Petraits, Bosma's director of manufacturing was named the Leader of the Year for 2023.
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Barbara Rager is pictured sitting in her living room

It's Never Too Late

Barbara Rager has been struggling with vision issues since she can remember, but it hasn't stopped her from living a long, full life. She's had hard and soft lenses and multiple eye surgeries; dealt with severe myopia and glaucoma. Instead of being bitter, she remains positive. Read more of Barbara's story here.
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AccelerateOR: The fastest way to turnover your OR

Product Spotlight: AccelerateOR Kits

AccelerateOR kits are your answer to improving patient safety and care while saving money and time; essentially making your operating room more efficient. Best of all- they are fully customizable and Bosma will assemble and deliver them whenever you need them under one item number.
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Eugene Soyfer is pictured at graduation holding his 8-week program completion certificate

Getting Ready for the Future

Eugene Soyfer started with Bosma’s in-home, Community Based Program before moving onsite to the 4-month Rehabilitation Program with one goal: to get back to work. After recently completing the Program, he tested for admission into Bosma’s Business Enterprise Program, where he can learn how to run his own small business through the Randolph-Sheppard Act, which provides people who are blind with access to rewarding and profitable entrepreneurial ventures.
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