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In the background a TV with a football game. In the foreground feet on a table with a bowl of snack to the left.
Bosma Center for Visionary Solutions

How do people who are blind watch the Big Game?

How does a person who is blind enjoy the big game? There are a variety of ways.
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Screen shot of e-commerce site
Bosma Enterprises

Bosma launches new e-commerce platform

Bosma Enterprises® announced it has distributed more than 1.4 billion exam and surgical gloves since the beginning of the pandemic, and has launched an e-commerce site to further sell the Good Works Performance Pro Nitrile Exam Gloves.
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Bosma Enterprises logo
Bosma Enterprises

Bosma announces partnership with DiSorb Systems

Bosma announces partnership with Philadelphia distributor DiSorb Systems. The agreement expands access to products to Veterans Affairs hospitals.
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Two men reviewing documents
Bosma Visionary Opportunities Foundation

Moneymaker Scholarship

Applications being accepted for the Lou Moneymaker Scholarship for people who are blind or visually impaired.
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